An open BIM application created with IFC.js can weigh less than 1 MB. This allows the creation of web and native applications with almost no impact on the final weight of the application.


IFC.js is compatible with any platform: web application (frontend and backend), desktop applications (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile applications (Android and iOS).

Native Performance 

The IFC.js parsing engine is based on WebAssembly and C++, and is specifically designed to read data from large files as fast as a desktop application.

More specifically...

  •  IFC.js can read IFC files seamlessly.
  •  Easily edit geometry appearance with the power of Three.js. 
  • Generate 3D geometry that runs on 60 fps in a browser.
  • Load multiple federated IFC models.
  • Retrieve IFC properties for reports and dashboards.
  • IFC.js can also edit and write IFC files from scratch.

Getting Started

Check the following resources to jump-start your IFC.js journey

Read the docs

Learn more about IFC.js and get started with the code examples.

Hello World

Play around with our hello world IFC.js demo in the browser.


View the list of BIM programming courses offered by IFC.js.


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